Information for Landlords

We understand that letting your property, especially for the first time, can be a worrying experience and with this, in mind, our most important consideration is providing you, the Landlord with the best possible service and the right tenant for your property.

We never forget that the property is your most important asset and we can confidently assure you, that by instructing us to act as your Letting and Management Agents your asset will be in professional and caring hands.

A Personal Service

Because we are a small agency, we are able to offer a personal service with attention to detail, whilst at the same time maintaining a high standard of competence and professionalism.

Carefully Selected Tenants

Drawn from a continually updated register, all prospective Tenants are thoroughly referenced and credit checked where possible. In some cases, we will also require a guarantor.

Levels of Service offered

Full Management:

This is our inclusive Service, which provides for the marketing of the property and carrying out viewings, leading to the introduction and vetting of a prospective Tenant. This proving satisfactory, we then go ahead and prepare the tenancy agreement, and an inventory.

Monthly rental and expenditure payments are also an important part of our Full Management Service. A statement of your account will be raised and sent to you alongside the balance on your account. 

Towards the end of the tenancy, we liaise with the Tenant, with an option to renew the tenancy agreement, or arranging a check-out, should this be the case we will start the re-advertising of the property to let.

This Service is particularly suitable for Landlords who are not residence locally or would rather not deal with the Tenants directly, referring all aspects to be handled by an Agent.

Letting Only:

This service is limited to the marketing of the property and carrying out viewings, leading to the introduction and vetting of a prospective Tenant. This proving satisfactory, we then go ahead and prepare the tenancy agreement, and if required a full inventory before handing over the management of the property to the Landlord.


We offer a competitive fee structure, which is made up into various contracts: Fully Managed, Fully Vacant Managed and Find Only and we can offer reductions on our standard charges for multiple property portfolios. Please drop us an email or pop into the office to discuss further.

Guide for Landlords

Before a property can be let, there are several matters which the owner will need to deal with to ensure that the tenancy runs smoothly, and also that he/she complies with the law. We provide the summarised information below. If you require further advice or assistance with any matter, please do not hesitate to contact us:

Preparing the Property

We have experienced that a professional relationship with Tenants is key to a smooth-running tenancy. As Property Managers it is our role to ensure that the Tenants feel comfortable in their current home, and that they are receiving a satisfying service . Therefore a well presented and maintained property, within good decorative order will achieve a higher rental return.

General Condition

Electrical, gas plumbing, waste, central heating and hot water systems must be checked and in good working order. Repairs and maintenance are at the Landlords expense unless misuse can be established. Interior decorating should be in good condition and preferably plain, light and neutral.


Your property can be let fully furnished, part furnished or unfurnished. Which of these is appropriate will depend on the type of property and local market conditions. We will be pleased to give you advice on whether to furnish or not and to what level. As a minimum, you will need to provide decent quality light fittings and white goods. Remember that there will be wear and tear on the property and any items provided.

Personal items, ornaments etc.

Personal possessions, ornaments, pictures, books etc. should be removed from the premises, especially those of real or sentimental value. Some items may be boxed, sealed and stored at the owner’s risk. All cupboards and shelf space should be left clear for the Tenant’s own use.


Gardens should be left neat, tidy and rubbish free. Tenants are required to maintain the gardens to a reasonable standard, provided they are left with the necessary tools. However, few Tenants are experienced gardeners, and if you value your garden, or if it is particularly large, you may wish us to arrange visits by our regular gardener.


At the commencement of the tenancy the property must be in a thoroughly clean condition, and at the end of each tenancy, it is the Tenants’ responsibility to leave the property in a similar condition. Where they fail to do so, cleaning will be arranged at their expense.

Information for the Tenant

It is helpful if you leave information pack for the Tenant, e.g. operating the central heating and hot water system, washing machine and alarm system, and where refuse can be disposed of etc.


You should provide one set of keys for each Tenant. Where we will be managing we will arrange to have duplicates cut as required.

Other considerations


If your property is mortgaged, you should obtain your mortgagee’s written consent to the letting. They may require additional clauses in the tenancy agreement of which you must inform us.


You should ensure that you are suitably covered for letting under both your buildings and contents insurance. Failure to inform your insurers may invalidate your policies. We can provide information on Landlords Contents and Buildings Insurance if required.

Bills and regular outgoings

We recommend that you arrange for regular outgoings e.g. service charges, maintenance contracts etc. to be paid by standing order or direct debit. However, where we are managing the property, by prior written agreement we may make payment of certain bills on your behalf, provided such bills are received in your name at our office, and that sufficient funds are held to your credit. An additional charge may apply for this service.

Council tax and utility accounts

We will arrange for the transfer of utility accounts to the Tenant. Meter readings will be taken, allowing your closing gas and electricity accounts to be drawn up. These matters we will handle for you, however correct information and paperwork need to be provided by both the Landlord and the Tenant.

Income tax

A landlords tax position can vary due to the country of residency and many other reasons. It is entirely the Landlords responsibility to inform the appropriate bodies (whether Spain or any other country) of rental income received, and to pay any tax due.

Energy Performance Certificates (EPCs)

Landlords offering a property for rent are required by law to provide prospective tenants with an Energy Performance Certificate for their property. The certificates must be provided free either when (or before) any written information about the property is provided to prospective tenants i.e. prior to advertising. An EPC is valid for 10 years. We can arrange an EPC inspection for our landlord clients upon request. Generally, EPCs currently cost around 180€ – 250€.

Which party is responsible for what?

This varies slightly depending on the property, but generally speaking…

The Landlord is usually responsible for:

  • Insuring the property suitable buildings cover and the like

  • Repair and maintenance of the hot water and heating systems, the pipes and the electricity system

  • Repair of the appliances included with the property

  • If the property is a flat, the service charges (for maintenance to the structure of the building, cleaning and electricity in the communal areas).

The Tenant is usually responsible for:

  • All utility bills (electricity, gas and water) etc

  • Bills for telephone, broadband or cable TV if you want these (you’ll need the landlord’s permission to install these if not already installed)

  • Insuring your possessions in the property and/or the landlord’s possessions in those cases where the property is partially or fully furnished

  • Repair of your own possessions that you bring to the property including appliances

  • Keeping the property clean and in good condition

  • Telling the landlord or us about any defects


It is most important that an inventory of contents and schedule of condition be prepared, in order to avoid misunderstanding or dispute at the end of a tenancy. Without such safeguards, it will be impossible for the Landlord to prove any loss, damage, or significant deterioration of the property or contents. In order to provide a complete Service, we will if required arrange for a member of staff to prepare an inventory and schedule of condition, at a competitive cost.

The above is a brief summary of landlords’ responsibilities and of the laws surrounding the tenanted property. We hope that you find it useful. If there are any aspects of which you are unsure, please ask us. We look forward to being of assistance to you in the letting and management of your property. If you wish you can print this page by using your browser Print option.

* Prices quoted exclude IVA